Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby Shower Etiquette That You Should Know

Don't Ruin Your Baby Shower Remember The Essential of Baby Shower Etiquette

If you thing think throwing a baby shower seems simple and easy—right? Absolutely Wrong! All of the little details involved mean that whoever hosts the baby shower (which is a common source of dispute in itself) is left with a lot of decisions! While there are certain traditions associated with the throwing of a baby shower, other things can be determined at the host's discretion. Despite the difficult decisions, by following basic baby shower etiquette, you can ensure that you throw a loving baby shower for the proud mother-to-be!

Logistics: Who, What, When, Where, and Why

The first question to answer and perhaps one of the most commonly asked, is who should be the host of the baby shower. In traditional baby shower etiquette, the baby shower was thrown by someone outside of the future mother's family. This usually left the duty up to a friend or coworker. However, nowadays, a baby shower can be thrown by anyone. The future mommy's sister is usually the host today, but it is also common for groups of friends and coworkers to throw joint baby showers as well.

Another common dispute when it comes to baby shower etiquette is whether or not multiple baby showers are acceptable. Though in the past, it has been traditional for baby showers to be given just for the first born child, now it is common to have one for every child. Sometimes, there are even multiple baby showers held for one baby. Multiple baby showers ensure that everyone who is important to the parents-to-be is present to share in the celebration.

You're Invited!

There are several key pieces of information that should be included on the invitations as part of proper baby shower etiquette. First, make sure to put the names of both the host and the mommy-to-be. It is important that both names are on the invitation because they are nearly always different people.

Also, make sure to put the standard information, like the location and date of the baby shower. Include a phone number for questions, and a number at which to RSVP. Other information is not standard, but should still be included as a part of baby shower etiquette. Directions can be helpful, especially if you are inviting guests from out of state. Also, including the baby shower's theme and the place at which the mother is registered are important bits of information. If you include all of this information on the invitations, the guests will appreciate it.

Staying Within the Guidelines

Though these are good guidelines for baby shower etiquette, it is by no means a tragedy if you fail to comply with certain rules or traditions. In the end, the important part of the baby shower will be taken care of no matter what—the future mother will always be surrounded by those she loves.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Baby showers celebrate the impending birth of a baby. These are usually given to a mother-to-be a few months before she gives birth, usually around the third trimester. There are many things that the hosts need to consider when planning a baby shower. Invitations, food, theme and decorations are just a few of the things that need to be decided upon in order to have a great baby shower.

The sex of the coming baby can be pivotal in deciding on baby shower decorating items. If the sex of the baby is still unconfirmed, the mother's preference is usually considered. Baby shower decorating ideas are so varied that you will need to first decide on the theme to avoid confusion.

Baby Shower Motif

A baby shower motif or theme is the basic idea that is followed for the baby shower. It can be a particular color, a certain cartoon character or any other theme that the parent may be partial to. Baby shower decorating ideas can start as soon as the theme has been decided upon. The baby shower theme usually corresponds with the invitations, decorations, cake design and thank you cards.

Basic Baby Shower Decorating Items

There are some basic baby shower decorating items that are staples in making a successful and memorable baby shower. Balloons are easy for decorating and cheap enough that you can utilize them for spots that need a burst of color. When using balloons in baby shower decorating, you may also coordinate their colors with the motif of the party. Usually, pastel colors are used for baby showers.

Other baby shower decorating basics are ribbons. These come in paper, fabric or any other forms that go well together with the theme of the party. Curling ribbons can be used to decorate the balloons. These are usually tied at the knot of the balloon and allowed to curl freely. Three to four strands of curling ribbon can make a big difference. Larger ribbons can also be used to decorate the ceiling of the venue. These can be hung in panels from the ceiling with different lengths and colors. Swags can also be used to accentuate the lighting fixtures, door frames and tables.

Table tops are also some of the more central baby shower decorating staples needed to create a successful event. These can be the all time favorite flower arrangement or possibly a fruit or cupcake arrangement that corresponds with the party theme. Baby shower decorating is quite easy to provide for. You can view baby or even wedding magazines for baby shower decorating ideas.